Monday, June 11, 2012

Drop the Cookie and Get More Nookie!

What is your motivation for working out? I'm sure many of you would say that your motivation originates from the deep drive inside of you to be healthy or because you want to live a long and fruitful life. This is all fine and dandy but, I would venture to say that as much as those motivating factors are true, one real reason why you work out is...SEX!

That's right! The big three letter word that has as much, if not more, influence on your workouts than any other motivating factor. It makes your heart race! Sweat glistens off every inch of your body. You keep pounding away and away. You gasp for air. You're almost there and....a sigh of relief!! I'm talking about exercise of course, or was your mind somewhere else Cheeky monkeys?

Listen, no one wakes up in the morning saying, "I want to look like crap today so that no one notices me". The truth is that we all want to look good. We want to look good for ourselves and for those around us. Why do guys work on chest and arms 9 days a week? Probably because it's what the guy or girl at the other end of the bar will notice first. Why do women love to work on "strengthening" the gluteus? Not because you want stronger lumbo-pelvic hip structure but because it's where the hands of that nameless strapping young Spanish man travel whenever you are on the dance floor. Stronger core, you say? Yea right! More like, "look at these as I slowly remove my shirt in front of you for the first time!"

Need some hard facts? Look at these studies:

  1. A 2004 study published in the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality questioned 400 college students and found that regular exercisers had higher levels of self-confidence, perceived themselves to be more sexually desirable, and had higher levels of sexual satisfaction than their non-exercising peers. Feeling sexy can help stimulate sexual desire, so it makes sense that those with improved body image would be inclined towards more sex.
  2. For married couples, the beneficial effects of exercise can be more far-reaching. Yale University researchers have shown that when one spouse exercises, quits smoking or stops drinking alcohol, the other is likely to do so as well. 
So if it hasn't hit you yet, the bottom line is this: Working out not only improves the inner you, but the outer you as well and when the outer you looks better = more Nookie! Those of you working out already, great! Keep it up because you're on the right track to a wink, a nod, and hopefully a phone number. For those of you sitting on your high horse saying "I work out for myself, no one else!" or "I don't need to look good for anyone!" Remember that the next time you are at the bar praying that the cute guy or girl sitting alone notices your bulging biceps or your nicely toned Gluteus Maximus. Orrr when your significant other compliments your flat sexy stomach and it makes you glow with confidence. 

Just say it to yourself, I'm sexy and I know it! 

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