Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Train With Danny.

Drop The Cookie and Do Something!

A huge thank you to the two people who created this for me, Zach Bainter and Vance Malone!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Real Reason February Makes You Fat!

February has begun and I get this familiar feeling in my gut - the tides are changing. Gym attendance slowly declines, energized January faces are now pale and haggard, determination lies somewhere deep in the gym bag in your backseat, and the treadmill looks like the bouncer of the hot club you’re never getting into.

Every year it’s the same trend!

January -You are “in it to win it”, hitting the gym harder than ever, your New Year’s resolution is in full effect, and you’re looking and feeling great!

February (“wah wah”)-  You’ll skip the gym for a day or two, think one day of pizza, fries, and pasta wont hurt? Your back hurts, but you’ll get back into the gym next week for sure!” February 20, Gym? What’s that?  And you’re looking and feeling just okay.

This year, you can change this horrible trend! Don’t just fork over your monthly $49.99 while gym managers enjoy this “easy month” and cash in on their bonuses – Cha-ching! Of course it’s not going to be easy- life is hard and the clock is always ticking.  I understand- I am not some 21 year old with endless amounts of energy. I have a beautiful 4-month-old 15lb bundle of joy, a wife, a business, and a personal life, yet I still find time to keep my health and fitness a priority and here is how:

Keep tabs of when you work out. Journal, iCal, a notebook, and/or foursquare. Holding yourself accountable each week creates focus, progress, and a commitment to yourself. How many days do you want to get to the gym this week? 3-5 days is ideal. Pick an achievable number and stick with it.

Workout with a friend. Hire a trainer. Sign-up for that 5k run everyone is talking about. Buy a dress that you don’t fit into. Join a local group exercise class. All these things keep you working towards something, and add an external motivator to keep you moving forward.

Commonly overlooked because people nowadays hate to commit to anything. Create a schedule that you will follow every week. Look at any successful organization, business, or wealthy individual and structure is a main ingredient.

It has been scientifically proven that a person who eats a significant amount of fruits and vegetables daily will snack less, exercise more, feel better, and store less fat. Don’t pass the produce!

Follow these steps and success is but a squat, push up, and ¼ mile away!