Monday, June 20, 2011

My Debut to the World of Blogging

What a great way to communicate with my clients, friends and the rest of the world! In this vast universe of information called the internet, there is so much advice on fitness and health to get tangled up in that one may not know what exactly to believe.
Well, fear not my loyal followers of internet savvy readers - I am here! Just let me say first that I am not your fitness savior. I am not the world’s leading expert on anything and everything related to health. I am not the fitness child of Jack Lalane and Jane Fonda. I am just a man who has two cents worth of knowledge to share with you and help you through the disorganized closet of myths and facts.
In my time as a Personal Trainer I have had just about every single question asked. From the most broad questions such as: How do I lose weight? What do I eat? What’s the best machine in the gym?

To the more specific questions:  When is the best time to do cardio? How many calories should I consume daily? Is breakfast really that important? Is p90x effective? Jack and coke, or Vodka and soda water?
What can you expect in this blog of mine? An interesting look into health and fitness topics that will stimulate your frontal lobe! I will do my best to give you what is needed to be the healthiest fittest you. I ask one thing in return-believe in yourself!  

Discuss, comment, and share your thoughts. All are welcome!

Yours In Fitness, 

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