Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Guaranteed to Make You Sweat!

"Danny, I don't have the time to do cardio!"
- Anonymous

Take some time off of these activities:
  1. Facebooking and Twittering
    1. Trust me, all your friends will be fine with one or two less updates on your day.
  2. Watching TV
    1. DVR was created so that you can workout even more!
  3. Going straight home after work
    1. The permanent dent you have created in your sofa could use a break.
  4. Cruising the mall
    1. I'm a guy, need I say more?
Now do you have 20 -30 mins? Then, here is my gift to you.

*There are 3 different variations to this routine. Choose according to your fitness level!
*What you need: Treadmill, jump rope, and a towel.
*This routine calls for a squat thrust AKA burpee.
  1. From a standing position, drop to a squat position with your hands on the ground near your feet.
  2. Throw the feet back, putting yourself into a push up position.
  3. Again pull the feet forward to a squat position with hands on the floor.
  4. Stand again.
  5. Repeat many times.

Level 1
The New Kid on the Block
5 min warm-up on treadmill
Min 1 @ 4 mph
Min 2 @ 5 mph
Min 3 @ 6 mph
Min 4 - Jumping Jacks
Min 5 - Squat Thrust *as many as you can perform for 1min

Level 2
Fight Club Wannabe
5 min warm up on treadmill
Min 1 @ 7 mph
Min 2 @ 8 mph
Min 3 @ 9 mph
Min 4 - Jump Rope
Min 5 - Squat Thrust with Push Up *as many as you can perform for 1min

Level 3
You Crazy!
5 min warm up on treadmill
Min 1 @ 9 mph
Min 2 @ 10 mph
Min 3 @ 11 mph
Min 4 - Weighted Jump Rope
Min 5 - Squat Thrust with Push Up *you better move like bullets are coming at you

You Welcome!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Best Part of Breaking Up, Is Making Up!


Gym: What's wrong? 
You: Nothing!
Gym: Why are you so mad at me?
You: You are so judgmental, that's why! All you do is look at me and judge! I don't do enough. I do too much. Like you're so perfect!
Gym: Well, guess what? I hate being used. All YOU do is use me. Special Occasion? "Let me see if I can lose 10lbs in one workout. "
You: I do not! I use you other times too...
Gym: First date, seeing an old friend, PMS, went out last night and drank too much, & my favorite..."I want to show off this super duper cute workout outfit I just bought"
You: I hate you. 
Gym: I hate you. 
You: I think we should break up. 
Gym: I don't care. Do whatever you want. 
You: Why are you trying to hurt me? 
Gym: Oh please! Drama queen. Just get out. 
You: No, you get out!
Gym: It's my house! 
You: Whatever. 

 Make sure this never happens again!  Read on. 

  1. Find a gym that you are compatible with on every level. 
    1. Location, price, classes, trainers, parking, etc...
  2. Don't let others pressure you into joining. Do it when you are ready. 
  3. Go on a few dates first. 
    1. Every gym offers a trial period.
  4. Bring your gym home to your friends and family...so to speak of course! Ask your f&f what they think. 
  5. Be committed. 100%! Don't go into any relationship half-assed. 
  6. Treat each other with respect. 
  7. Do your research!
    1. Know everything you can about this gym and what they are about. 
  8. Check out the gyms track record. 
    1. Consumer reviews on Yelp are a great resource.
  9. See what the gym is willing to give you.
    1. Free sessions with a trainer. 
    2. Free month of membership
    3. Multi-vitamins
  10. Feel comfortable at the gym. Always. 


Best thing about a break up with a gym? You don't have to worry about that awkward moment when you run into each other out on the town or that drunk text you send at the end of a long night. Honestly, your gym doesn't have feelings and won't care who you date next. 

So, before you go on your next GymHarmony.com date, learn from your past relationships and go into this one knowing exactly what you want and don't want. Use my fool-proof guide and you will be in a happy, long term, symbiotic, and healthy relationship...with a gym before you know it. Happy dating!