Thursday, November 17, 2011

Don't have time in your day to workout, eh?

Infomercial Announcers Voice: Is this you? 

I'm way too busy to workout!.. I get out of work too late..I can't workout, I have kids..My dog ate my gym clothes!

Ok, ok. Maybe not that last one but I've heard it all and I have one common response to every excuse, "really!?" 

I know work is tough, kids are a handful, finding parking is never fun, and after a long day you want only to sleep. The truth is, as we all know, life is not always easy. If you can make time in your day to sit down and watch the season finale of America's Got Talent, then you can spare 30 minutes to workout. Here is a quick and easy 30 minute workout for all you desk junkies, soccer moms, and DVR hoarders. 

Strength Training - 20 Minutes
Complete this circuit as many times as possible in 20 minutes before going onto the cardio portion of the workout.
1) Squats - 20 repetitions 
2) Chest Press - 12-15 repetitions
3) Deadlifts - 20 repetitions
4) Lat Pull Downs - 12-15 repetitions
5) AB Bicycles - 20 repetitions 

Cardio Training - 10 minutes

1) Elliptical 
    1 min @ high resistance 
    1 min @ low resistance
    Alternate for 10 minutes between high and low resistance  

There it is! 30 minutes to a healthier and fitter you. Get off your tukus and get going!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How much are you donating to your gym?

Your phone rings and you answer it. The voice on the other end says, "Hello! This is your gym calling. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the money you have donated to us. We are richer and you still haven't dropped those 5-10lbs. Have a great day!" That phone call doesn't happen but it probably should.

Donate? Yep, donate! Are you one of the 50 million Americans who are members of a gym? More importantly are you part of the 75% who fail to use that membership? If you answered yes to both questions then you are in fact donating your money. Wouldn't it be great if possessing a little key card was all you needed to get in shape?  Unfortunately, it's not! You have to make an effort to get into your car, drive to the gym, walk through the doors, grab your towel, and here it comes - sweat! 

I see it all too often: You join a gym with all the good intentions in the world, but something comes up and you don't go to the gym for a few days.  A few days turns into a week. A week turns into a month and, before you know it, a year has gone by and you can count on two hands the number of times you went to the gym this year. STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY! I realize that the words on this page will only go so far to motivate you to go to the gym, so instead I offer some useful strategies to keep you on track and save some dinero. 

Here they are in no particular order:

  1.  Join a gym that offers a month to month payment plan. 
    1. If possible do not sign up for "auto-pay". If you physically write a check once a month, you will be more inclined to go. 
  2. Find a gym that offers a "pay per class" type of membership. That way you only pay when you go. 
  3. If gyms are not your thing, find a Personal Trainer who will train you at home or at a nearby park. 
    1. There are also plenty of private gyms that your Personal Trainer can take you that are quiet and less crowded.  
  4. Google! There are plenty of gym-like alternatives in your neighborhood. I.E. Rock climbing, krav maga, boxing classes, etc. 
  5. Workout with a buddy. *Just be sure to hold each other accountable. Otherwise you and your buddy are simply taking a ride on the same sinking ship.
Trust me, I know how difficult life can be and how things like work, relationships, family, and your favorite TV shows can get in the way of your health, but remember the motivating force that drove you to join your gym in the first place. Stop letting your hard earned money go to some corporation that couldn't care less if you are healthy or not. Start putting yourself first! 

Yours in fitness, 

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Ladies and gentleman allow me to reintroduce myself - I am your Personal Trainer, Daniel Saltos! I would like to start off by saying that my absence these past few months was due to, well, life! Let me just say that planning a wedding is both  exhausting and thrilling. Much like skydiving where you don't really know if you will survive the journey but once you do and you touch the ground with your feet you feel amazing! (Note to anyone planning a wedding or know someone who is - buckle up cause it's gonna be a fun ride!)
But alas, our wedding has come and gone and now comes a new chapter in life. I apologize to my loyal followers for the delay but, fear not, the show will go on!

Stay tuned for some great entries on current fitness and nutrition trends. 

Yours in fitness, 

here are some photos from our big day!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Whether Business or Pleasure, These Tips will Keep You FIT While You’re Away!

Leaving town? It’s summertime, and that means trips to Aunt Becky’s for her 50th birthday, destination weddings, your company’s mandatory annual networking convention, or even a much needed vacation to palm springs.  Wherever your travels take you, these trips always have health and fitness “road-blocks”.  Below are a few much-needed tips on how to stay active and fit whilst you travel.
Besides being away from your home gym, trips away usually come with some indulgent eating and thus it is even more important to stay active.  In addition to fitness, traveling is a great passion of mine, so I am no stranger to the difficulties that traveling can present, but the one thing I can tell you is that where there is a will there is a way!  I always pack resistance bands, jump ropes and plan ahead!  The same way you wake up every morning to brush your teeth, wash your face, and make a pot of coffee, you should incorporate being active as part of your daily routine.

Whereever your travels take you, plan ahead. 
*This is easier than you think - as you check-in for your flight or before you pack up the car, do a quick Internet search on your destination and discover your fitness options.

1)    Find out if your hotel has a gym and also the facility’s hours
2)    There is no gym!! Find one nearby where you can get a day/week pass.
3)    Still No Gym?!!
a.     What about a park?
b.     Recreation center?
c.     Highschool or College? – Many schools have outdoor areas with tracks, pull ups bars, etc.
4)    Pick a realistic time to workout, when you know you will not be busy with family, in a meeting, or sightseeing.
5)    Set your alarm!
6)    Stick to the plan!
1)    Check online to find local gyms with the best deals.
2)    No gym!! Take it to the field! Find a nearby park, highschool, or college with any open space.
3)    Set a “you time slot” and let your friends and family know that at least one hour a day you will be working out/hiking/running.
4)    Set your alarm!
5)    Stick to the plan!
*What you will need: Resistance bands. Jump rope. Towel. Open area I.E. park, track, or even your hotel room ;)
1)    1 min of jumping rope
2)    15 push-ups
3)    15 resistance band squats
4)    12-15 resistance band bicep curls
5)    20 sit-ups

We have all taken a trip and let our fitness take the back seat, but so much about being healthy and active has to do with having a plan. So next time you are booking your flights to Imastayfit, Somewhere put some extra thought and time into finding out where your next workout will take you. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Manage life’s challenges with focus, planning, and strength, and you will surely come out on top!

It’s the beginning of a new week and boy oh’ boy are we in for a long one! We all look forward to Friday but all too soon Sunday comes, and before you know it Monday is at your doorstep with a bag of no mercy and a big smile. The iPhone alarm rings and you’re off!! Like a racehorse out the gate, you sprint towards that finish line only to do it again, week after week.
The week gets ahead of us and, in the blink of an eye your health starts to suffer while your favorite jeans feel a little bit tighter. Whatever our week looks like, we should all aim to make it as productive and stress free as possible. I cannot give you tips on how to make your job easier or your boss less demanding, but I can give you some fitness tips that will help you feel and look better and hopefully, in an indirect way, make your workweek a good one!


  1. Designate at least 3 days to be active for 45 minutes.
* Make sure the times/days that you plan on being active are least likely to have any sort of conflicts.

  1. Set challenging, but achievable goals for yourself.
* Run a total of 10 miles this week. Take a group fitness class you’ve been meaning to try. 20 pushups. 10 pullups. Take a trainer up on a complimentary session. Bottom line, Challenge Yourself!

  1. Diversify your workouts to burn fat.


  1. Don’t overexert yourself in a single workout.
*Punishing yourself on a Monday for indulging too much over the weekend doesn’t accomplish anything.

  1. Eliminate the excuses for not working out. Sometimes finding a workout buddy can help keep you accountable.


  1. Drink a glass of water with each meal/snack.

  1. Curb your sweettooth Monday through Friday. Avoid unnecessary sugars.

  1. Find what greens and veggies are in season where you live and incorporate them into your meals.

  1. Lighten up on the salt and try alternative spices and herbs to help add some flavor to your food.

    Tuesday, July 5, 2011

    Looking to do Something with the Little Ones?

    Summer is officially here! What a great time to be active!

    Did you know that the American Heart Association recommends that kids spend at least 60 minutes a day being physically active? I.E. Swimming, after school programs, team sports, and even some time on the playground.

    Fitness is something that is beneficial not only for adults but children as well. An active child is less likely to have weight issues later in life or develop illnesses brought upon by poor nutrition or a sedentary lifestyle. That is why it is extremely important to establish healthy, fun, and safe habits at a young age.

    Interested in learning more? Here is a great resource for kids and adults alike provided by the AHA. This site provides great ideas on activities, food, and so much more!

    Activities for Kids

    Fitness in the Making!

    Some photos of me as a baby. Active, even at a young age! 

    Wednesday, June 29, 2011

    What's for Dinner?

    Oven broiled chicken with multi colored peppers and broccoli in under 30 minutes!  
    Compliments of the house chef :)

    Monday, June 27, 2011

    A Funny Way to Burn Calories

    The Topic - Happiness

    The Exercise - Laughter 

    Is your day something like this…? You wake up at a time that seems almost criminal to the sound of an obnoxiously loud alarm. You get dressed in a hurry and rush off to work holding your iPhone in one hand and a cup of coffee in another, only to end up in traffic behind someone you could swear just got their license that same morning. You work a full day and put up with more stress than any human should have to. During that day you most probably got into an argument with a coworker, had a little tiff with your loved one, ended up paying more bills than you anticipated having to pay, found out you don't have enough gas to get home, and had a realization that life should not be this hard and work should be something you love. You finally get home after what seems like a never-ending day only to eat half of your dinner because the thought of work the next day has stunted your appetite. Then, you sit down on your favorite seat of your favorite sofa in front of your 47 inch flat screen TV to watch your favorite show and lo and behold…your DVR didn't record it :( 

    Would it be too cliché to say "stop and smell the roses"? Why is it that we don't? One word…STRESS! The silent killer. Everybody knows what it is; no one knows what it is. Stress can be a mental, emotional, or physical strain or tension. When you sense a threat, of any kind, your body automatically goes into what is known as a "flight or fight" response. We become the terminators of the workplace and go into survival mode where a series of events take place in the body: Hormones are released into the blood stream, blood pressure rises, glycogen is rushed to the muscles, heart rate increases, metabolism slows down, testosterone is full throttle, and your brain is firing on all cylinders. What's the big culprit causing all this? - Cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. This doesn't sound too bad if you are in a life or death situation, but the stress the guy in front of you at your local Starbucks is causing you because he can't make up his mind on a venti or grande mocha cappuccino doesn't sound like a "flight or fight" situation to me. Too much Cortisol in the bloodstream for prolonged periods of time is detrimental to your health and has been linked to serious illnesses such as heart disease. Some situations cause more stress than others, but to an extent your body responds in the same way. This constant worry, anxiety, anger, frustration, and stress put you in a state of imbalance. Here is something some of you may not know- our bodies like balance. We seek homeostasis and when we don't have that balance, our bodies respond with a laundry list of symptoms you may be familiar with: depression, anxiety, inability to concentrate, problems sleeping, nausea, constantly getting colds, smoking more, eating less, gaining weight, moodiness, and many more. 

    Life isn't easy and stress is a common part of it, we all know this. My advice to you isn't to eliminate stress but to try and minimize it. Exercise is one great way, but how about in the midst of a crazy day? Might sound cheesy, but LAUGHTER has been scientifically shown to decrease stress. Studies have shown that people who have a good sense of humor are less likely to become stressed or depressed. LAUGHTER sends the opposite signal to your brain.  If you are laughing, you are relaxed and not threatened.  This means your body does not need to be on high alert and allows the Cortisol levels in your blood to return to normal. Have you ever noticed that euphoric feeling you get after having a really good laugh? That's because laughter causes a safe drop in blood pressure and releases endorphins into your blood stream - Endorphins are your body's natural painkiller.  

    Surprisingly, laughter also has calorie burning effects. Did you know laughing about 10 minutes a day burns roughly 50 calories? Do that for 7 days and you'll burn 350 calories a week. Don't get me wrong laughing does not replace a good cardio session, but it definitely helps when you add all those calories up. So maybe on your drive to work find a good morning show or podcast that makes you chuckle. Read the funnies in the newspaper during your morning cup of joe. Share a laugh with coworkers during lunch and enjoy a happy hour or two after work.  

    The message in a nutshell - Stress less, laugh more, and you'll be well on your way to a healthier, lighter you! 

    Monday, June 20, 2011

    My Debut to the World of Blogging

    What a great way to communicate with my clients, friends and the rest of the world! In this vast universe of information called the internet, there is so much advice on fitness and health to get tangled up in that one may not know what exactly to believe.
    Well, fear not my loyal followers of internet savvy readers - I am here! Just let me say first that I am not your fitness savior. I am not the world’s leading expert on anything and everything related to health. I am not the fitness child of Jack Lalane and Jane Fonda. I am just a man who has two cents worth of knowledge to share with you and help you through the disorganized closet of myths and facts.
    In my time as a Personal Trainer I have had just about every single question asked. From the most broad questions such as: How do I lose weight? What do I eat? What’s the best machine in the gym?

    To the more specific questions:  When is the best time to do cardio? How many calories should I consume daily? Is breakfast really that important? Is p90x effective? Jack and coke, or Vodka and soda water?
    What can you expect in this blog of mine? An interesting look into health and fitness topics that will stimulate your frontal lobe! I will do my best to give you what is needed to be the healthiest fittest you. I ask one thing in return-believe in yourself!  

    Discuss, comment, and share your thoughts. All are welcome!

    Yours In Fitness,