Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Manage life’s challenges with focus, planning, and strength, and you will surely come out on top!

It’s the beginning of a new week and boy oh’ boy are we in for a long one! We all look forward to Friday but all too soon Sunday comes, and before you know it Monday is at your doorstep with a bag of no mercy and a big smile. The iPhone alarm rings and you’re off!! Like a racehorse out the gate, you sprint towards that finish line only to do it again, week after week.
The week gets ahead of us and, in the blink of an eye your health starts to suffer while your favorite jeans feel a little bit tighter. Whatever our week looks like, we should all aim to make it as productive and stress free as possible. I cannot give you tips on how to make your job easier or your boss less demanding, but I can give you some fitness tips that will help you feel and look better and hopefully, in an indirect way, make your workweek a good one!


  1. Designate at least 3 days to be active for 45 minutes.
* Make sure the times/days that you plan on being active are least likely to have any sort of conflicts.

  1. Set challenging, but achievable goals for yourself.
* Run a total of 10 miles this week. Take a group fitness class you’ve been meaning to try. 20 pushups. 10 pullups. Take a trainer up on a complimentary session. Bottom line, Challenge Yourself!

  1. Diversify your workouts to burn fat.


  1. Don’t overexert yourself in a single workout.
*Punishing yourself on a Monday for indulging too much over the weekend doesn’t accomplish anything.

  1. Eliminate the excuses for not working out. Sometimes finding a workout buddy can help keep you accountable.


  1. Drink a glass of water with each meal/snack.

  1. Curb your sweettooth Monday through Friday. Avoid unnecessary sugars.

  1. Find what greens and veggies are in season where you live and incorporate them into your meals.

  1. Lighten up on the salt and try alternative spices and herbs to help add some flavor to your food.

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    1. I am STUNNED how fast (and at my 'old' age lol) my body is changing from 5 days a week workout (2 training with Danny--ALL IMPORTANT) ! I am so much thinner in 3 months, leaner, and I have new muscle definition/Yikes and Hoorah!
      I am proud to say everything has changed: how I eat, my posture, how I look at myself...
      WOW Thank you Danny